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Guidelines for Ratings and Reviews


Ratings and reviews provide useful information to businesses and to customers and prospective customers of the businesses. We encourage customers to rate and review their experiences with businesses. We have implemented the following guidelines for ratings and reviews submitted through this website. By submitting a rating or review through this website, you agree to these guidelines:

  1. Your rating or review must be relevant to an actual, first-hand customer experience with the business you are reviewing. Your review is not a forum to discuss matters unrelated to the customer experience, such as political or social issues.

  2. Your rating or review must be accurate, honest and truthful in all respects. Do not include any content in a review that is deceptive or misleading, do not pretend to be someone else and do not claim to be speaking for another person, entity or group.

  3. Your review may not contain any threats, harassment, intimidation, bullying, hate speech and other displays of bigotry; or any content that is obscene, profane, offensive, vulgar or sexually explicit.

  4. Your review may not violate anyone’s copyright. Any images and other content you include in a review you post must be your own content. Do not include any content you obtained from other sites, users or individuals (unless you have the content owner’s permission).

  5. Your review may not violate anyone’s privacy rights. For example, do not include a photo, a home address, an email address or a phone number of any person who has not given you specific permission to post it.

  6. Your review may not be used to promote another business. Do not include offers, links, coupons or other similar content for other businesses in your review.

  7. Your review may not include links to any other websites or online material.

  8. Your ratings and reviews must be unbiased. Do not post a rating or review if your personal or business connection to the business could cause you to appear biased.  For example, do not post a review of your own business, a business in which you are employed or the business of a competitor, friend or relative.

  9. When you post a rating or review, we require you to provide your real name and your valid email address. Do not post a review anonymously or with a fake name or email address.

  10. Your ratings or reviews must reflect a genuine customer experience and are not to be used to manipulate a business’s overall rating.  For example, do not use multiple email accounts to rate or review the same business, do not post duplicative reviews and do not coordinate your ratings or reviews with other users. A high volume of ratings or reviews for a business over a short period of time and which appear to be the result of a collective effort to impact a business’s rating (either positively or negatively) will be deemed to violate these guidelines.

We reserve the right to unpublish any rating or review if such rating or review does not meet these guidelines. We also reserve the right to update these guidelines from time to time.

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